What is WinKIT ?

Demura Laboratory in Kanazawa Institute of Technology (K.I.T.) tried to participate in RoboCup Japan Open 1999 which was held in Nagayo. It is the origin of a RoboCup team in K.I.T. Two students from department of mechanical engineering joined in our robocup project when we had been preparing for RoboCup Japan Open 99. It was entirely due to students’ perseverance that we could participate RoboCup Japan Open 99. However the result of it was miserable.

However, all project member did not want to quit the project, so we had decided to participate RoboCup 1999 which was held in Stockholm. I negotiated some companies and K.I.T to support
our project. Finally, K.I.T. kindly adopted our project as one of Yumekobo, Factory for Dreams and Ideas, projects in Jun 1999. The team name was Matto named after the place of K.I.T. Human Information Systems Laboratory, and we participated in RoboCup 1999. The result was 2 wins and 4 loses. From September 1999, I have been an adviser and Mr. Asano has been a manager of the WinKIT team which our students named.

Team Name
Students decided WinKIT in 1999. The meaning are Win (Win) + KIT (Kanazawa Institute of Technology) and Wink (Wink) + KIT (K.I.T.).

Results in RoboCup Middle-size League
RoboCup Japan Open 2000 Hakodate:4th Place
RoboCup2002 Fukuoka/Busan: Vice Champion
RoboCup Japan Open 2003 Nigata: Champion
RoboCup2003 Padova: Vice Champion
RoboCup2004 Lisbon: Vice Champion
RoboCup Spring Competition 2005 Kanazawa:3rd Place
RoboCup2005 Osaka:Best 8

Why is WinKIT pretty strong ?
K.I.T.’s original educational system which is called Yumekobo, Factory for Dreams and Ideas, makes WinKIT pretty strong.