How to intall ODE 0.11.1 (Windows + Code:: Blocks)

This article explains how to install ODE0.11.1 in Windows Vista and Code:: Blocks8.02.

  1. Installing ODE 0.11
    1. Downlaod Save it to desktop and decompress.
    2. Copy the ode-0.11.1 folder to the top of the C drive shown as follows.
      • c:\ode-0.11.1 
    3. Start the Command Prompt.
      • Start → “Programs” → “Accessories” → “Command Prompt”
    4. Input commands as follows. These commands are complicate, so I recommend Cut and paste .
      •  cd c:\ode-0.11.1\build 
      •  premake4 --with-demos --cc=gcc --os=windows codeblocks 

        Note: in front of the “with-demos” and  “cc=gcc”, there are two  – (minus). See the  image below.premake41

      • The “codeblocks” folder should be created in the “build” folder, please check it.
        • C:\ode-0.11.1\build\codeblocks

  2. Building ODE
    1. Start Code:: Blocks.
    2. Select the below file  from the menu bar “File (F)” → “Open (O)”,  or simply double-click the file.
      •  c:\ode-0.11.1\build\codeblocks\ode.workspace
    3. Important: Build target must be choosed as DebugDoubleLib (where the red circle in the picture below)
      • odecb2This makes debugging, double and a static library. The ODE project recommend the static library (LIB) instead of  the dynamics link library (DLL).
    4. Select “Building (B)” → “building the workspace (W)” . Workspace is similar to the solution in Visual C + +.
      • Executable files of demonstration programs are generate in
        C: \ode-0.11.1\lib\DebugDoubleLib

      • Double click the demo_buggy.exe,  and enjoy it.
      • That’s all.
  3. How to build my sample programs in the ODE book.
    1. Down load my sample programs,,  from here.
    2. Copy the zip file in c: ¥ ode-0.11.1 folder, and extract it. The following folder should be created.
      • c:\ode-0.11.1\roboSimu
    3. Same as the ODE installation, you can use the premake. Run the command prompt and input the following commands.
      • cd c:\ode-0.11.1\roboSimu
      • premake –target cb-gcc
      • Note: There are two – (minus) in front of the “target”.
    4. Start the Code:: blocks

    5. Select “File (F)” → “Open (O)” from the menu bar, and the select following file
      • c:\ode-0.11.1\roboSimu\src\roboSimu.workspace
    6. Important: Set the build target as DebugLib.
      You built the library as DebugDoubleLib in ODE,  so DebugLib must be selected.
    7. Select “Building (B)” → “building the workspace (W)”. If you get an error, rebuild the ODE library.
    8. Run the sample program in the following folder
      •  c:\ode-0.11.1\roboSimu\DebugLib
    9. Double click the following file
      • arm1.exe
    10. You can see a robot arm.
    11. That’s all.  Enjoy my sample programs!



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