ODE Petit Camp 1: Let's install the open source physics engine

Most of this page was translated from http://demura.net/archives/9ode by Babel Fish Translation.
Sorry for “the chinese room”  English.

The figure above being to be proofreading stage is different from the real thing a little. As for the real thing color has not been attached, but design is refined.

Thank you very much for reading my article, ODE petit, onRoboCon Magazine. RoboCon magazine is the most popular magazine related a robot in Japan, and about 35000 copies are printed. The readers are from elementary school students to retired engineers.  Because in the information magazine regarding the robot it is only one, the person who was not until now read RoboCon Magazine first please pass through at the propriety book store.

Well, the short-term serialization of all the 4 times regarding the elementary rudiments of ODE was published RoboCon Magazine No.47 (the ohmsha Ltd., August 16th sale) from. Being linked with that, because, with this web sight in regard to circumstances of the space, we would like to keep answering to explanation and the supplementation of the place where it abbreviates the figure and the question regarding the article, as for the one which has question most please contribute to the comment field which is under. 2nd time being to keep making the petit simulator which makes the RoboCup Middle-Sized Robot simulator which is the figure above simple please expect.

So, with RoboCon Magazine being illustrated from now on, it explains the installation method of the free (free) enviroment for software development which cannot be explained in detail. Furthermore, there is also Cygwin, as the enviroment for software development of of free with Windows you can use to the UNIX like, but with the up-to-date version 0.7 of ODE it meaning that being less crowded capacity of thing and the hard disk which cannot compile the sample program is well enough necessary, with the latest serialization you use MinGW and MSYS.

Here it explains in detail with the figure and the link attachment concerning below.(Note: It meaning that ODE0.7 is released on 2006 September 8th, here it introduces the installation method of ODE0.7.)

  1. The installationof MinGW(enviroment for software development)
  2. The installationof MSYS(the system in order to utilize MinGW)
  3. The installationof ODE0.7

1. The installation of MinGW

  • Http:MinGW-5.1.0.exeis downloadedfrom//prdownloads.sourceforge.net/mingw/. It is good to download from the Japanese JAIST sight, probably will be. In this case, when the logograph of JAIST is clicked by mistake, to the home page of JAIST. Clicking the letter of Download on extreme right, the suitable place (as for my recommendation c: \temp) Please download.

  • When MinGW-5.1.0.exe which is in the desktop double is clicked the window below appears. Clicking Next, next it advances.
  • You insert checkin Download and Install and clicking Next

  • It meaningthat the picture of License Agreement comes out, if it agrees to the license, clicking I A gree. It is proper, but when it does not agree, it cannot install.

  • Which package is chosen, but you hear. Current (present version) you insert check and clicking Next.

  • The necessary component is selected. It designates installation as Custom, inserts check in MinGW base tools, g++ compiler and MinGW Make, clicking Next.If these 3 components are not selected, it meaning that compiling is not possible, please verify whether check has entered securely.

  • You inquire about the place where it installs. This way being to be necessary, clicking Next. Furthermore, in installation the being less crowded territory of 58.5MB is necessary in the hard disk.

  • You inquire about the selection of the start menu folder. Clicking Install this way

  • When download and installation start, installation ends, like the following picture it becomes the indication of Installation Complete. Clicking Next

  • ClickingFinish, it will end installation job. Next will install MSYS.

2. The installation of MSYS

  • MSYS to use MinGW is the minimum system which is necessary in order to make easy with the abbreviation of Minimal System. Same as MinGWhttp:DownloadingMSYS-1.0.10.exefrom//prdownloads.sourceforge.net/mingw/,please put on the desktop. When MSYS-1.0.10.exe double is clicked, the following window opens. “It is and” clicks and advances to the next.

  • It meaning that the picture of Welcome to the “Minimal System” Setup Wizard opens, clicking Next.

  • ReadingLicense agreement, if OK clicking Yes.

  • WhenInformation is read, clicking Next.

  • It becomesthe picture of Setup. Without modifying ahead installing clicking Next. At least the being less crowded territory of 6MB is necessary in installation.

  • Beingto become the picture of Select components, at all do, clicking Next.

  • It becomes the pictureof Select START Menu Bar. At all do, clicking Next.

  • It becomes the pictureof Ready, to Install from now on installs to ハードディス. Clicking Install.

  • Like the picture below when installation becomes 100%, the command prompt window as in the figure under that opens.

  • Like below please answer.

    Do you wish to continue with the post intsll? [ Yn ] y
    Do you have MinGW installed [ Yn ] y
    Please answer the following in the form of c: /foo/bar
    Where is your MinGW installation?C:/mingw

  • Installation is end with this. Finish will be clicked.

  • When installation ends normally. The idea contest of MSYS is added on the desktop. When double it clicks that, the MINGW32 terminal below opens. The installation job of MSYS is end with this.

3. The installation of ODE0.7


Whenthe  ODEwebsight(the rough sketch)download whichis the left menu bar is clicked

It becomes the following picture.

  • Version-numbered sourceof Source Coderelease:When it clicks, the page of Open Dynamics of sourceforge.net Engine being to fly, when it clicks ode-src-0.7.zip which is the item of the File Release it becomes this picture which selects ahead downloading.

  • It will download from the host of the day book. Here it downloads from JAIST. ahead downloading  Please make under c:\msys\1.0\home\ user name \src. When there is no src folder, with Explorer c: \ [ New compilation (W) the folder (F) ] please move to→msys\1.0\home\ username, click the right mouse button, choose and draw up the src folder.


  • As forode-src-0.7.zip being to be compressed with zip, please install the software which can thaw zip. Here, the compressed thawing software, Lhaplus is used.WhenLhaplus is searched withGoogle, it can find ahead downloading simply.

  • Job the UNIX command is used future, but, you who do not know sort of example please input.

1. Doubleclicking the MSYS idea contest, you open the MINGW32 terminal. Please execute the command below with this terminal.

It moves  to 2 src folders
cd src

3. It movesto the ode-0.7 directory
cd  ode-0.7

4.  Preparation of compiling
$. /configure

5. Compiling

When it succeeds in make, like below it is indicated.

6. Installation

cd ode/test

When command above succeeds, when the window of Simulationtest environment v0.02 opens and the picture below is indicated, it is success. Extremely wax! As for method of playing being to be indicated in DrawStuff Message, following to that, please play.

To be continued.