RoboCup2003 Summary

RoboCup2003 was held in Padova, Italy from July 5 to July 11. Padova is located about 30 minutes from Venice by train and it is very important city for northern part of Italy. 224 teams and 1250 participated in RoboCup2003 which is the biggest robot competition in the world. WinKIT team of which I am an adviser, won the vice-champion in RoboCup Middle-Size league. I introduce games of Middle-Size League.

Preliminary League
24 teams around the world participated in Middle-Size robot League. From Japan, Eigen (last champion), WinKIT (last vice champion), Trackies (last 3rd place), Fusion participated. Recently, Japanese teams have been strong.
In 1st round robin (July 5, 6), 24 teams were divided into 4 groups. Top 4 teams in each group went to the 2nd round robin. WinKIT won 3 and lost 2, advanced to the 2nd round robin. This group gathered very strong teams.

WinKIT (K.I.T., Japan) 5 – 0 Philips (The Netherlands)
WinKIT (K.I.T., Japan) 1 – 4 Persia (Isfahan University of Technology, Iran)
WinKIT (K.I.T., Japan) 7 – 1 Minho (Portugal)
WinKIT (K.I.T., Japan) 0 – 1 Fusion (Kyushu Univ. & Fukuoka Univ. Japan)

In 2nd round robin (July 7), 16 teams were divided into 4 groups. Top 2 teams in each group advanced to finals. WinKIT won 3 and lost 0, went to finals. It was very surprised that Europe champion Philips was defeated in the preliminary league. Philips team belongs to Philips company which is the most biggest electric company in Europe and Philips won two successive championships in Europe.

WinKIT (Japan) 7 – 0 Artisti Veneti (Padova University, Italy)
WinKIT (Japan) 7 – 0 FU Fighters  (Free University, Germany)
WinKIT (Japan) 3 – 1 5dpo-2000   (Porutugal)

Eigen (Japan), WinKIT (K.I.T., Japan), Trackies (Japan), Fusion (Japan), AIS-Musashi (Japan, Italy, Germany), Persia (Iran), Minho (Portugal), Fu-Fighters (Germany) advanced to the finals. Half of them are Japanese teams.

In Quarter final, WinKIT won against Trackies 13 – 0. WinKIT, Eigen, fusion, Persia advanced to the semi finals.

WinKIT (Japan) 13-0 Trackies (Osaka Univ., Japan)

Semi Final
WinKIT won against Persia 5 – 1. We are very happy that I think Persia is the strongest team till semi final. Because Persia won a complete victory. Persia step up middle-size league from small-size league two years ago. In small-size league, to win the championship, tactics and strategy are needed. However, in Middle-size league, tactics and strategy were not so important, because it was very difficult to determine the position of each robots by on-board cameras. Recently, accuracy of position estimation has been increasing. From now on, tactics and strategies are very important in Middle-size league also.

WinKIT (Japan) 5 – 1 Persia (Iran)

WinKIT lost against Fusion 3 – 6. The cause of defeat is ability of a forward robot of Fusion. The forward robot moved in a zigzag line. Our defender robots and a goal keeper did not cope with the robot. We lost more than 3 points by the forward robot. I noticed that soccer need also team play and individual play as well like human soccer.

WinKIT (Japan) 3 – 6 Fusion (Japan)

WinKIT 8 won and 3 lost, got 63 points and lost 14 points. The average points gain was 5.7, and points lost was 1.3.
Fusion will step up a humanoid league. However, Fusion disappears, Japanese teams are still very strong. Please come to RoboCup Japan Open 2004 which will be held in Osaka.