What is RoboCup ?

RoboCup official web site defines RoboCup as follows,
“RoboCup (Originally called as Robot World Cup Initiative) is an international research and education initiative. It is an attempt to foster AI and intelligent robotics research by providing a standard problem where wide range of technologies can be integrated and examined, as well as being used for integrated project-oriented education.”. That is, RoboCup is mainly a research activity and to evaluate the results and to promote the research activities, a robot competition are held every year.”

Why do I participate ?
Our main purpose is education. Because WinKIT is a very unique team which is one of afterschool activites which are called Yumekobo, Factory for Dreams and Ideas, and all members are undergraduate students except two faculty members.
Yumekobo is not the place that only learns knowledge and skill but the place of character building. Students develop their good character, which include independence, creativity, morals, teamwork, international nature and so on. RoboCup is an ideal place for that purpose because students are very eager to struggle with robots to win the championship and can communicate other foreign students. That is why we participate RoboCup.

Why is the middle-size robot league so popular in RoboCup ?
Because there is no big-size robot league, the middle-size robot league uses the biggest robots, approximately 50cm x 50cm. That is, it is very powerful, speedy, and some robots make very big noise. Spectators and team members have been very excited that is a nature of human.