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  • Overview
    The Happy Robot team will participate in RoboCup 2023 in Bordeaux, France,
    as part of the RoboCup@Home Education Challenge. The team, based in
    the Demura Laboratory and the Yumekobo RoboCup@Home project at
    Kanazawa Institute of Technology in Japan, is developing a novel small,
    lightweight, and inexpensive robot that includes open-source applications
    for easy participation in the Education Challenge.
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          • Overview
            In this text book, readers are guided through the process of constructing AI robots utilizing ROS2 and Python. The material elucidates the integration of AI capabilities, including speech recognition and synthesis, navigation, image recognition, and natural language processing, within the context of ROS2. Additionally, example code and supplementary resources are offered to facilitate the practical application of AI robots.
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    • Paper
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