All simulation videos in the ODE book

Most of this page was translated from by Babel Fish Translation. Sorry for strange and funny English from “the Chinese room“.

The ODE book, Robot simulation – Robot programming with Open Dynamics Engine “, C language and the open source physics engine ODE (Open Dynamics Engine) , targetting the reader robot engineering has not been learned, the foundation of robot engineering you learn the method of programming that gradually.

Necessary knowledges are only mathematics of high school and C language of beginners’ class level. The lesson begins from falling of the apple, the wheel type robot, the robot arm, 4 leg robots and step-up to the lovely humanoid robot, Kensei-chan. Making a dynamics walking program is the last mission.

In the ODE book, you can learn how to make simulators which used 3D graphics shown above (they are all simulations in the ODE book) and you can also learn the basic of robotics. A physics engine like ODE is necessary to make games realistices, has becoming indispensable. It means that knowledge of robotics are necessary for a game developper.

Why don’t you try to control robots in the virtual space?

You can download my sample programs,, from here.


  1. demu より:

    Hi Arco,

    There is some possibility. Because ODE is an open source project.

    However, I think that ODE should not substitute MSC.ADAMS.
    Because there is trade-off between speed and accuracy. ODE prefers speed.

    High speed dynamics engine is very useful for many robotics simulations.



  2. arcoyu より:

    Dear Sir:

    Thank you so much for your amazing work on the field of VR Simulation. I wanna know that is there any chance that one day ODE would subtitute MSC.ADAMS in robot/dynamics simulation? I’m willing to recevie your answer and suggestion!

    Best Wishes!

    Arco Yu