The ODE related Book: Robot Simulation

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Open Dynamics Engine

A virtual humanoid robot “Kensei-Chan”

I introduce my ODE related book , “Robot Simulation – Robot programming with   Open Dynamics Engine , (260pages, ISBN:978-4627846913, Morikita Publishing Co. Ltd., Tokyo, 2007)” by Kosei Demura, which is written in Japanese (sorry).

There are a lot of good text books about Robotics, such as, “Robotics – Vector Analysis of Mechanical System- (SHOKABO)” by Prof. Hirose, “Introduction to ROBOTICS – mechanics and control (Addison- Wesley) ”  by Dr. John J. Craig, and so  on.

In addition, if the textbook regarding C programming language, many books have lined up into the book store.

So, I decided to write a textbook combines those two subjects. Open Dynamics Engine is used as the expedient to which as for this book in order fundamental theory of robotics to tie and programming organically, the money is not required and easily experiences robot programming.

This book aims that learning fundamental theory in Robotics and acuqiring the programming skill to realize that.

Unique features are as follows.

  • The foundation of robotics and the practice book which can acuqire the programming skill
  • Making robot sumulators, such as, wheeled robot (differential drive and omnidirectional drive), a robot arm, a 4 legged robot, a humanoid robot simulator, and  writing basic programs to control those robots. Furthermore, those programs are written in C language and can be operated under Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
  • An ODE tutorial book
    • You can program without the ODE english user guide.
    • API index,  API inverse index are supported.
    • About half of this book, i.e., 130 pages are articles (tutorial & manual function) regarding ODE.
  • Donating One US Dollar per book sale
    • I sent some mails to Dr. Russell Smith who is the primary author of ODE.  He kindly permitted me quoting and reprinting from the Open Dynamics Engine User Guide.  If there is no ODE, this book being not to be born. Including  the sense of appreciation to Russ,  and in order to support the ODE project, I donate One US Dollar per book sale to ODE project. Morikita Publishing Co. Ltd. cooperated on this donation. In order to keep maintaining this kind of open source project,  I think that cooperation of many people is necessary. Man shall not live by bread alone, but man shall not live without bread.

    I wish that a publisher would translate my book into English.