ODE Petit Camp 3: iMac Like a Robot Arm

Most of this page was translated from http://demura.net/archives/9ode by Babel Fish Translation.
Sorry for  funny and strange English from “the chinese room

As for December 16, 17 in 2006, there was the year-end party of KIT at the Katayama Tsu hot spring which from Kanazawa by the car is the place about of 1 hour. At this year-end party is large-scale ones where all school personnel of KIT crowds around all. At the university this way the place where year-end party of all-campus scales is done is very much unusual, it is the unique place of KIT.

Well, No.49 of RoboCon Magazine was sold December 15th (the gold). The serialization which moves the petit version HRP-2mof HRP2 Promet where as for RoboCon Magazine the funny article was many, from No.49 was developedwith the productentire researchChorometstarted. 1st as for time Okano is written with the subject, “real time processing programming which uses ARTLinux”.

My serialization time becomes 3rd. It is the story that this time as recognized even with the high school student, it explains opposite kinematics, to the kinematics which is the basis in the basis of robotics that mounts on the robot arm petit simulator, verifies operation. As for details please readRoboCon Magazine.

Furthermore, because with RoboCon Magazine the space is limited, you cannot explain in detail. In order in this page to supply that, in order to be able to download the sample program. Please download freely.

  • Free download sample programs !

  • Note 1: These programs being something which you write as the sample program for ODE education, do in all the sample programs which it has explained with the article of  RoboCon. Downloading the program above freely, please play. However, there is no warraty for these program. It is the mere sample, you can not enjoy it like a game. The program has bugs, so please do not redistribute them.
  • Note 2: It corresponds to mingw, linux and OS X. For example makefile of your own environment (after makefile.linux) copying in makefile, make please do. Furthermore, as for original makefile being to become one for mingw as for the one which mingw is utilized as for the necessity to copy it is not.
  • Please ask the person who is not understood be possible in addition, to read serialization by all means in this page. We wait also thought and opinion etc..
    A World of Robot Arms, Open Dynamics Engine

    A World of robot arms.