How to make a SIRI like app in your laptop ?


This page instructs how to make a SIRI like app, and solve the task, what did you say ?, in the Basic Functionalities written in the RoboCup@Home 2014 Rule and regulation.  We use the Jasper for it. Jasper is an open source platform for voice controlled apps, and  originally for the Raspberry Pi, however, it also works in Ubuntu14.04. I introduce the procedure about it.

  • Preparation
    • sudo apt-get update
    • sudo apt-get install vim git-core python-dev python-pip bison libasound2-dev libportaudio-dev python-pyaudio –yes
  • Jasper Installation:
    • cd
    • mkdir src
    • cd src
    • git clone jasper
    • sudo pip install –upgrade setuptools
    • sudo pip install -r jasper/client/requirements.txt
    • chmod +x jasper/
  • Installing dependencies
    • The following software are installed from sources. Please read this link for procedures.
      • PocketSphinx STT engine
      • Julius STT engine
      • eSpeak TTS engine
      • Festival TTS engine
      • Flite TTS engine
      • SVOX Pivo TTS engine
      • Google TTS engine
    • There is a problem about the version of pip installed above and Ubuntu14.04. The following procedures are need. The version of pip is pip 6.0.8。
      • sudo apt-get remove python-pip
      • sudo easy_install pip
  • Installation related module
    • A Cloud AI engine is need to realize the function of the Siri. Jasper can use the WolframAlpha module.
    • Installation the WolframAlpha package.
      • sudo easy_install wolframalpha
    • Copy the from the Jasper website : Third party modules WolframAlpha to ~/src/jasper/client/modules.
    • Add the following to ~/.jasper/profile.yml.
      XXYYXXX-XXXXXVVVV is the API key obtained from the Developer website.

      • keys:
  • Execution
    • ~/src/jasper/
    • Examples are following,
      • You: Jasper
      • Jasper: beep
      • You: Search
      • Jasper: what are you looking for ?
      • You: What is the highest mountain in the world ?
      • Jasper: Mount Everest (8848 meters).

That’s all.

Enjoy Jasper and RoboCup@Home !