1. What is ODE



A humanoid robot powered by ODE

This is the first ODE tutorial. Thank you for visiting demura.net.

ODE (Open Dynamics Engine) , an open source physics engine, has been developing by Russell Smith since 2001. A simulator, like an above figure, can relatively easy to be created.Our RoboCup team,  team WinKIT,  has been using ODE to create a RoboCup simulator.

This tutorial is composed of 15 lessons. Firstly, describes features of ODE, secondly install ODE and a development environment, …,  finally, make a simple interactive simulator.

Major features are listed as follows,

  • Free: Open-source license for the GNU LGPL and BSD to become a favorite of license to be used (for details, click here,).In a commercial-free can be used. Of course, the teaching and use of personal taste is the best.
  • Easy to use:  A simple 3D graphics engine, Drawstuff, is attached to ODE. So, you can use ODE without installing other graphics engines. The collision detection is also build in ODE. As well as documentation and demo programs are also plentiful. In addition, the ODE community is very active, mailing lists can also be read on the website.
  • Fast: as well as a commercial game engine is used as a fast speed. Research of genetic algorithms and  reinforcement learning is suitable. The Robotic Society of Japan in this year’s project, many researchers have used it for their simulations.
  • Multi-platform: ODE can be used in Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating system.  Software works only in the Windows operating system is not suitable for education.
  • C  and  C++  language can be used.

Next time, let’s install ODE and the development environment.

any plans for Chinese version?

  • Hi Lee,

    This blog or my ODE book ?

    Both are not planned.
    A translator and a publisher are not determined.

    Korean version of my ODE related book was published in 2010.
    I hope Chinese version will be published.


  • Many thanks for sharing this useful info. I hope someday the book would be written in English. Cheers!!!

    • Thank you for your comments.

      Korean version of my ODE book is going to be published in this June.
      English version, however, is not decided.

      Translator was already decided, but the publisher is not decided yet.


  • HELLO ! I want to learn how to use ODE .For it is very usefull.And I want to apply it
    to ourselves simulation football team.
    So I want to ask for some help .
    Please help me to provide me some usefull information.
    Thank you very much!

  • i’m university undergraduate in sri lanka. i’m interesting in 3D game development. your article is very important me to understand ODE. i wish u all the best. nice work….friend!. good luck!.

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