About me

Kosei Demura

An AIBO, a humanoid robot for RoboCup, and me. (Copyright: The Hokkoku Shinbun, 2007)

Welcome to my web site !

My name is  Kosei Demura. I am an adviser of the RoboCup team in Yumekobo (Factory for Dreams and Ideas) at Kanazawa Insitute of Technology (KIT) in Japan, and also a professor in the Dapartment of Robotics, KIT.

RoboCup is one of the dream projects such as  Project Apollo.

The dream of RoboCup is as follows.

By mid-21st century, a team of fully autonomous humanoid robot soccer players shall win the soccer game, comply with the official rule of the FIFA, against the winner of the most recent World Cup. (quoted from the RoboCup official site)

Our RoboCup team, WinKIT,  has been participated in the Middle Size Robot League (MSL) in RoboCup since 1999. We are 3 times Vice World Champion from 2002 to  2004, and the Japan Champion in 2003.

From 2007, our team,  the demura.net team,  was participated in the humanoid league in RoboCup Japan Open.  Next year, we will plan to participate in the humanoid league in the RoboCup World Championship held in Suzhou, China.

I place RoboCup to a nucleus of my research and education. I would like to continue making a small step towards the RoboCup dream.